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Just a Dream?, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

She saw a table in the shape of an "X", whips, chains on a wall, handcuffs of every color, a bed, spreader bars, and many more sex toys. Kagome stiffened when she realised what they were going to do to her and by the looks of things there was no way in hell she could get away.

The Mating Ball Chapter 1, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

Kagome was taught to ride, fence, kill, fight, clean, cook, and bow like a man. While Kikyo used a bow and arrows, like all proper ladies did. Kagome used all sorts of weapons, like a man. Kagome had dark skin, while Kikyo had pale skin. Kagome was kind, while Kikyo was bratty. Kagome could disguise herself as a man, while Kikyo pretended to be ...

Slave Holder Chapter 1: Slaves auction, an inuyasha fanfic ...

Kagome watched a snake youkai scoot past the carraige. The odd thing was that she was in a carrriage driven by a youkai slave trader. He was running the stupid thing with youkai horses and they both smelled like rotten meat. Kagome watched they cloads and wondered what was to happen to her.

A Smell So Sweet Chapter 1: Be Mine, an inuyasha fanfic ...

Kagome drove over to the Tashio residence feeling awe every time she gazed upon the mansion's magnificence. Her awe was a little dampened when she walked up the stairs to the front door and let herself in with the key Inuyasha's father had been kind enough to offer her so long ago.

Fanfiction - dokuga.com

Throughout the day he had randomly activated the spelled sex toy, arousing her body when she had needed to be focused on other matters. Kagome thought she hadn’t done so badly though it had been hard, ignoring her instincts to chase him down and jump him.

Saphire Amethyst | FanFiction

Kagome's stepdad is on the brink of losing his home because of his addiction. He receives a loan from Naraku and Sesshoumaru, but as a result of his debt, he must give Kagome to them as collateral. Kagome is thrust into a world of sex and crime. As she tries to keep her dignity, she learns there's no happily ever after, even after she gets the guy.

Slave Kagome - Dokuga Forum

Kagome's family was killed and she was made into a slave by Naraku at a young age. She's mostly used as a sex slave and there is some kind of spell or charm that keeps her obedient or something like that.


Kagome didn't know what to say and so the demon made the decision for her, He picked up his book bag that she didn't notice was by the door and left out of his home for her car. Kagome just watched as he stood by the passenger's side. "Get a move on woman, you may have come early but we have much work to do that will take most of the day."

Fanfic: Hogwarts School for SEX Witchcraft and Wizardry Ch 1 ...

Warning, if sperm is shot inside the female the intended target will transform into a sex slave and stay that way, the more sperm the more the transformation! Harry was thinking about the warning, maybe he could cum on the girl's breast, or face.