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Natural Lube: 13 Products and DIYs to Try, Ingredients to ...

You might find a lube with an ingredient like coconut oil, which is natural in the sense that it comes from fruit found in nature rather than being created in a lab.

13 Best Natural Lube Alternatives That Are Safe to Use

Need a lube substitute now? Experts weigh in on the safest household items to use as a natural lube alternative, from aloe vera to yogurt, coconut and baby oil.

Best Homemade Lube: Top 7 Natural Lube Alternatives (With DIY ...

High-quality, cold-pressed oil made from coconut is also compatible with silicone-based sex toys like butt-plugs, dildos, and vibrators. However, if you plan to use latex condoms and dental dams or latex-based sex toys, this coconut oil lubricant recipe is not for you. Oils tend to weaken latex material, making condoms susceptible to breakage.

Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant – Healthy & Active

The Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant is specially designed to make sex more enjoyable for all partners, by both making sexual penetration more smooth and enjoyable but also by helping women enhance upon their own personal lubrication.

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ID Glide Natural Feel Water-Based Sex Lubricant | TooTimid

Natural-feeling lubricant enhances ease and comfort during sex for the most satisfying experience! Water-based and water-soluble for easy clean-up! Non-irritating, hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Universal lube compatible with all types of toy materials! Safe for use with all types of condoms. $8.95.

Best Silicone Based Lubricant | Silicone Lubricant for Sex ...

Natural lubricants are generally made of organic ingredients like natural oils or aloe Vera. If you want to go for a natural lube, avoid oily lube as it can lead to condom breakage and put you at risk of bacterial cross-contamination.

Natural Sex Lubricants: Plant Oils vs. Silicone vs. Water ...

Plant oils as a natural lubricant. Pure plant oils and butters, especially when organic and unrefined, provide the cleanest and most natural form of sex lubrication you can find. Melt some cocoa butter, shea butter, or coconut oil in your hand for a few seconds, then apply.

5 best lubricant alternatives and ones to avoid

Oil-based lubricants are safe to use if people engage in sex without a barrier method of contraception. However, these types of lubes can damage sex toys and latex condoms. This can increase the ...

The 10 Best Lubes in 2021, According to Experts | Health.com

This discreet lubricant made our list of the best natural lubes for a reason. The odorless, long-lasting gel lists water as its first ingredient, followed by natural propanediol, and it's made in ...